Week One: A Bitty Birdy Project

Hey all!

After several weeks of packing/moving/unpacking, I have finally gotten to a point where I feel like I have time to post a project. (Ok, truth time: I’ve had this project done and on my computer since before the move… but as my craft room is still not organized, I’ve been putting off posting anything… so, consider this motivation to get organized by next week.)

So, I suppose I should start by announcing this weeks theme: Baby Boys!

This theme was inspired by the birth of my nephew, who is pretty adorable, as well as Lady’s life long obsession with little souls.

For my project, I chose to go digital (I was packing up all my fabric at the time, after all)

It started when I found this photo on Pintrest:

And I really liked it, and I decided that I should do something similar for my nephew (Who I am calling Little Man), as well as his older sister (Miss L).

And this is what I came up with.

It was pretty simple to design… I just picked a font I liked, arranged everything in Adobe Illustrator, and picked colors inspired by their bedroom sets (his ended up being pretty similar to the original image… Common baby boy colors?).

And here is the finished product, printed and framed:

Hopefully my sister will enjoy having these sweet reminders hanging up in the kiddos room 🙂

Quick Tip: 

If you’re going to print at home, you may have trouble getting the print quality you want with a standard inkjet printer and card stock. I found that I had the best luck using a matte photo paper and the photo print setting. The paper is thinner than what I would have gotten at a print shop, but since it’s getting framed anyway, I think it works.



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