Things You May Not Know About: Bird


So, it’s late on a Friday night, Lady was super busy this week caring for a sickly boy and didn’t get time to post a project, and I have a something I could show you for this upcoming week, but it has yet to be photographed.

Out of my current state of mind (bored + fighting sleep) I made the decision that this blog should have a segment titled “Things You May Not Know About”, in which we tell you about something you did not know about. Classy stuff.

Today’s topic is myself. How original.

So, here we go.

1. I recently got married. Lady was my Lady of Honor. I have the coolest last name ever. (It’s Amore. I’m not lying. Coolest name? Yes, indeed.)

(Lady and  C.Jo being awesome friends…. those program fans were a really good idea.)
2. I have a weird thing with four leaf clovers. I can only find them when I’m not trying to find them…. so they have this whole symbolism for me of keeping yourself open to the unexpected and all that jazz. The full story is much longer and way more poetic, but it’s late. Short form.

(Ohhh…. so sneaky and hard to find)
3. If I like a band, I will listen to their music over and over again for weeks on end… and it drives my husband crazy. (Oh, yeah… go listen to The Head and The Heart…. I have been… for weeks…)

4. Some day, if I have a daughter, she will be named Everly. Everly Irene. If by some chance I know you in real life, and you steal this name before I have kids, you will be disowned by me so I can still use it….. So please don’t. You’ve been warned.

5. I have a shoe problem. Particularly with Seychelles brand shoes (Current styles owned=5). They always fit my feet and are cute and comfy…. even if they make my wallet cry.

(Current Seychelles shoe wants… *sigh*)

And, there you have it. Some things you may not have known about me, that you now know. TA DA!

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