Things You May Not Know About: Lady

‘Ello lovelies! In keeping with Bird’s last post, I thought I’d fill you in on my top 5 quirks…. of the moment


1.  Big City Dreamer:

Born and raised an Indiana girl, I’ve always longed for the big city life.  I fell in love with the Chicago skyline the first time my hazel’s took a peep.  I take mini vacations on a fairly regular basis and could easily live in a suburban outskirt like Schaumburg or Oak Park. were it not for the cash and my ridiculously strong connection to family.  Perhaps it’s better this way, where the Windy City can continue to draw me near.

2. Always a Bridesmaid:

Bird’s wedding this summer marked the 2nd of 3 weddings in which I was/will be the Maid of Honor.  For Bird’s wedding, I was actually “Lady of Honor”  because she’s wonderful and does things like that.  Next summer I will stand by another good friend’s side for her big day.  Weddings make my heart leap with happy thoughts and I can hardly wait until my big day.  Relax, no ring on this finger yet, but someday.  My mister is still in undergrad, so we’ll wait until he graduates.  Never fear though, it just gives me plenty of time to build up my wedding wish arsenal.  See what I mean here:


3.  Mr(s) A-Z:

Okay, so if you’ve met me even once, you probably do know this, but if not, it’s imperative that you know.

I LOVE Jason Mraz.

Our love affair began several years ago and has held strong.  I believe I may have every song he’s ever recorded (and some that random YouTubers have captured on their fan cams).  His voice can instantly calm me down in nearly any situation.  I’ve seen him play live several times and hope to one day be able to meet him in person.  His outlook on life is what I strive to believe and his musical talents are so plentiful, I don’t know if I could list them all if I tried.  The greatest part about his music is that its so eclectic and well rounded.  Oh yeah, and he’s super hot.  Take a listen:

Special points if you noticed it was filmed in Chicago!  🙂

4.  If it ain’t got that swing:

I’ve been fluent in East Coast swing, and well acquainted with Lindy Hop for going on 7 years.  =)  I was president of Ball State Swing Society, where I also met my mister.   Now that I’m a “real adult” it’s a lot harder to find time to fit this hobby in, but I still welcome any opportunity to throw on my dancing shoes and swing the night away.

5.  Landlocked:

I’ve never seen the ocean.  Saddest thing ever, right?!  I know.  Though I would love to spend my days floating on the open waters, I’ve never been given the chance.  Despite my years of insisting I wasn’t outdoorsy, time spent camping with that guy up there has made me realize my nature loving side.  One day I hope to see the ocean from the sandy shores of Greece.  Until then, I’ll just keep sittin’ on the dock of the bay… by tiny ponds and creeks.

Tell us somethings we don’t know about you!

Ever yours,



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