Finally, a project off my list!

As Bird mentioned, my life has been a bit bootastic lately.  Did she mention she shared her little bug with me?  No, well then I won’t mention it either.  On top of feeling icky, life gets a little hectic with work, family, etc, so sorry I’ve been absent.  If only we could get paid to sit around and be crafty and adorable all day.  Oh, the good life.
Nevertheless, here’s my project:

I’d been seeing posts on Pinterest like these:

and began to get inspired.

My mister is always great at giving gifts, and I always feel like mine are very generic.  He’s a musician and often writes personal songs, which is quite hard to compete with.  Lately, he’s been in cahoots with Bird up there about planning for another surprise and got pretty upset when my nosey self tried to snoop on a conversation they were having.  I decided I need to absolutely make it up to him, and LoveMap was a perfect way to do it.

I first started by making a list of places that have been significant in our relationship.  The place we met, our first date, where we first said “I love You,” as well as a couple of places that are very specific to us, like when we went camping.  After the list was complete, I headed over to Google Maps to make the maps.  It took some time, but eventually I was ready to edit and print.

After the maps were printed, I headed over to my local Archivers to find the perfect book to put it in.  (Did I mention I’m in LOVE with that store?)  In retrospect, it probably would’ve been much easier to find the book first and then edit the maps according to size, but I found one that would work.  I chose a tag book with chipboard cover  and accordion style spine.  I had to alter the original accordion to fit in more pages, but that didn’t prove too difficult.  Just took some patience and a clear head. (Something that probably would’ve been easier if I weren’t rushing to finish at 5am.)

From there, it was simple.  I gathered some specialty paper and went to town, covering the pages and the tags, creating a cover on photoshop, and stitching away at the maps.  This project was made MUCH easier by my handy-dandy Xyron.  (Seriously, whoever invented that thing should be given an award.  Or at least lots of cookies.)  I’m pretty satisfied by the way it turned out.

And someone else was happy too.  =)

Until next time,



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