A Tale of (the) Cashmere (sweater redo)

Ok, so I’m still playing around with fancy post titles. Don’t judge, k?

A long, long time ago, before I moved, I found the most fabulous Ann Taylor cashmere sweater at Goodwill. It was gently used, and the color was insane. See Exibit A.

A slightly over saturated Exibit A.

The only problem with this awesome find is that it was an XL, and just generally looked sloppy on me.

So, what’s a girl to do? I devised a plan.

Or the shorter, more concise version.

Step 1. Take in the body

Step 2. Move the shoulder line up a bit.

Step 3. Shorten the sleeves.

Step 4. Embellish.

Here is the finished product:

Now, I realize that it’s hard to see just how much I took it when it’s on the mannequin. While Susie Singer here shares similar measurements to me, she’s built a little wide.

To further demonstrate how much was taken in, and to show you how to do it yourself, I took this photo for you:

Whoo! See that? Now, that’s how you take in a sweater!

Until next time, lovelies!



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