On Magic Yarn Balls, and gifting in general.

Hey lovelies!

Ok, so, I have a confession to make. Something I have not even told Lady, for fear that she would be jealous.

I signed up for a Craftster swap. A Magic Yarn Ball swap.

*GASP*! I know! I totally cheated on my bestie with some lady I’ve never met- sending her little doo-dads and trinkets and handmade things, all balled up inside a tangle of yarn.

Why did I do this? Well, I just couldn’t help myself.

The perimeters of the swap were simple: Find a pattern (crochet or knit) for your partner. Buy appropriate yarn for said pattern. Take 15-20 things (at least 5-6 handmade) and wrap yarn around them to make a Magic Yarn Ball. Ship, Recieve, done.

So, I thought I would share some photos (taken by my swap partner) of the things I made

(Possibly Spoiler Alert for Lady: You may just get something similar for Christmas, so stop your whining)

First, all the yarn I sent. The top 4 yarns went with the pattern I gave her, the last one is something from my stash. I had told her I liked that yarn, and she hadn’t tried it, so I thought I would send it to her.

The yarn goes with this knitting pattern, for leg warmers. She picked 3-4 patterns she liked and I just selected one of them.

On the outside of the ball, was a vintage key, and 3 pairs of doily earrings.

I also gave her 2 crochet pins (I made them, but they were technically floating around my stash. I never wear them, and I knew my partner would like them), a scarf tie (more on those later), some scrapbooking supplies, and beads (and the key and earrings again)

Next up is the mystery yarn, the other crochet pin, an anchor brooch, a flower pin, and a fabric headband.

And lastly, the part that Lady will probably hate me for most…. I made her a set of HP cards like the ones she liked on Etsy. This was actually the easiest thing for me to make (leftover cardstock from the wedding + printer) but my swap partner apparently screamed and teared up a little when she saw them.

Yay stranger love!

Anyhoodle, I just felt like sharing this little project with everyone, and talk for a moment about gift giving.

It’s interesting to me how we give gifts. I’ve always loved doing it- there’s some weird joy I get about giving gifts, almost moreso than I get from receiving them…. but it’s even stronger when it’s a gift I made, or something really unique.

Why? Well, as someone recently put it, you’re trying to “win”. (He said he always tries to “Win Christmas”). The idea is that you get the best “OMG, I LOVE IT” from your recipients, and by getting that, you get this happy, smug feeling about how awesome you are at gift giving.

I’m totally this person. I start planning in August or September. I go crazy with gift wrap. I get crazy cutesy with bows. I do cute little tags. I spend more money than I really have to get someone the *perfect* gift, or I’ll spend ages making something that I know the person will love. I try to out-Martha everyone, basically…

And when I get that “OMG, I LOVE IT” (or Lady’s momma messages me to let me know she still hates me), I feel good.

And that is ok…. because it means I love my friends and family, and I love seeing them happy… and that I’ve won. 🙂

Until Next Time!



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