On tiny people.

Little (well) known fact: Lady is obsessed with babies.

Other little known fact: When you get to be roughly 24 or 25 years old, suddenly you will be surrounded with tiny people. Sometimes a little sooner, sometimes a little later, but roughly around this time in your life, you will feel like everyone you know is on a mission to repopulate the (already over populated) earth.

I like tiny people. Not quite as much as Lady does, but I do. This is obviously evidenced by my gushing, gooey, full of photos post about my little niece and nephew. While I’m not looking to have kids just yet (Sorry, Lady, you have to wait a few more years if I can help it) I am lucky that I have TONS of friends and family members popping ’em out.

So, what’s a girl surrounded by pregnant ladies to do? She finds a couple really useful crochet patterns and buys a bunch of yarn.

Baby blankets make fantastic gifts, especially when they are soft, cozy, and made with love.

I got the idea for this particular blanket from this post on Purl Bee, but…. um.. secret: It’s just a giant granny square. Lots of people make tons of small granny squares and stitch them together to make a blanket, but with this one, you just keep going. You just do row after row until you get it to the size you want.

I also added a scalloped edge to mine, but that’s totally optional. For those wondering how I did it: Starting at a corner, do 6dc, ch1, sc, ch1, 6dc, and so on.

And then of course there are hats. (P.Bizzle is representing today, as I do not have my own tiny person to model hats for me.) Tiny people are, well, tiny, and they are obviously prone to having chilly little heads, especially when you live in an area that is subjected to cold winters.

So, hats are also a wonderful option as well- I personally like the idea of gifting them with blankets as matching sets, but if you’re low on funds/time/patience, hats work up much faster than blankets, and still get the handmade gesture across.

This particular hat pattern (well, part of it) was purchased from a very wonderful Etsy seller. You can find her shop here.

From what I can tell, most of the patterns from the shop use the same base pattern, with different decorative motifs. I purchased one with a decorative motif I specifically wanted, but this particular hat was made using the base hat pattern, plus a flower from another pattern I have.

And that’s that! Wrap it up, maybe add a thing or two off a registry if it’s for a baby shower, and gift away!

Until Next Time!



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