The endless uses of chalkboard paint

So, chalkboards and chalk are a funny thing. They really aren’t used in classrooms at all anymore, and yet they are EVERYWHERE in the design world. Maybe our nostalgia is what’s making them so popular?

Anyway, pre-wedding I had bought two cans of chalkboard paint to make chalkboard signs, and then never used them. For anyone who has been married, you’ll have a lot of stuff like that.

So, when I found these great candlesticks at Goodwill, and was displeased with them only being a set of 2. I decided to improvise and make a 3rd item to complete their set.

I started with a glass bottle, a can of chalkboard spray paint, and a trash bag.

Making sure the bottle is clean, spray it with chalkboard paint (Outside. I shouldn’t have to tell you that, but I know I do.) and then allow it to dry. Try not to spray it too much- if it runs, it will be really noticeable, especially in the way it takes the chalk.

When it’s finished, you can use chalk to finish the design however you want- I just wrote out our last name, because it’s a great name that is also a word. Way to go, double duty last name!

(Side Note: Plain white chalk is really hard to find at certain times of the year. Try the craft stores, or a teacher supply store. Forget Walmart, Target, Meijer, or any of the stores you think *should* have it. They won’t.)

If bottles aren’t your thing, here are some other ideas that may be more your style.

Label your spices, or just decorate your flower pots.

Paint the cheap-Goodwill painting and paint the frame. Way prettier than your standard message board.

Old Tin Trays (also a thrift find) can be painted as well. I think one of these would be pretty hanging on a front door with a welcome message, like this:

Until next time!



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