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Finally, a project off my list!

As Bird mentioned, my life has been a bit bootastic lately.  Did she mention she shared her little bug with me?  No, well then I won’t mention it either.  On top of feeling icky, life gets a little hectic with work, family, etc, so sorry I’ve been absent.  If only we could get paid to sit around and be crafty and adorable all day.  Oh, the good life.
Nevertheless, here’s my project:

I’d been seeing posts on Pinterest like these:

and began to get inspired.

My mister is always great at giving gifts, and I always feel like mine are very generic.  He’s a musician and often writes personal songs, which is quite hard to compete with.  Lately, he’s been in cahoots with Bird up there about planning for another surprise and got pretty upset when my nosey self tried to snoop on a conversation they were having.  I decided I need to absolutely make it up to him, and LoveMap was a perfect way to do it.

I first started by making a list of places that have been significant in our relationship.  The place we met, our first date, where we first said “I love You,” as well as a couple of places that are very specific to us, like when we went camping.  After the list was complete, I headed over to Google Maps to make the maps.  It took some time, but eventually I was ready to edit and print.

After the maps were printed, I headed over to my local Archivers to find the perfect book to put it in.  (Did I mention I’m in LOVE with that store?)  In retrospect, it probably would’ve been much easier to find the book first and then edit the maps according to size, but I found one that would work.  I chose a tag book with chipboard cover  and accordion style spine.  I had to alter the original accordion to fit in more pages, but that didn’t prove too difficult.  Just took some patience and a clear head. (Something that probably would’ve been easier if I weren’t rushing to finish at 5am.)

From there, it was simple.  I gathered some specialty paper and went to town, covering the pages and the tags, creating a cover on photoshop, and stitching away at the maps.  This project was made MUCH easier by my handy-dandy Xyron.  (Seriously, whoever invented that thing should be given an award.  Or at least lots of cookies.)  I’m pretty satisfied by the way it turned out.

And someone else was happy too.  =)

Until next time,



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Surprise Tuesday Tutorial! Bird’s Patterned Gift Boxes

Hey, hey, hey! It’s Tuesday, and hubby is working late, so in my boredom, I thought I would do a quick tutorial on one of my favorite quick crafts- covered gift boxes.

I started doing these earlier this year, when I ordered custom stationary for a friend as a bridal shower gift. The cards came packaged in a perfect little kraft gift box, but it had the company logo on it.  I thought it would be a wonderful idea to cover it with pattern paper, so she could keep it as a little keepsake box.

For this craft you will need: 

  • A box to cover (I’ve been using Premier Jewelry boxes recently, because I got a bunch of free product from a party I hosted.)
  • 1 or 2 sheets of 12×12 Scrapbook paper, or some other pattern paper (the amount of paper will vary based on the size of your box)
  • Ruler (This 18×3 clear quilting ruler is my favorite)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive (My adhesive of choice is always to use my Xyron. If you don’t own one, a glue stick or tape runner should work fine)

Step 1. Measure your box

The first step is to measure the sides of your box. This section of the box had a 1 inch side.

Step 2. Draw out your template

On the back side of your scrapbook paper, you will need to draw out where the box will go, as well as the sides. I buggered up this image a bit, because I wrote “Side Measure + 1 inch”… what I really meant was “Side Measure x2”, because if the side of the box is shorter than 1 inch, this equation wouldn’t work.

I guess if the box side is wider than 1 inch then you could still do +1 inch to save paper, but if it’s shorter, it will need to be x2.

Step 3. Cut Template and Pre-wrap the box

The next step is to cut out your template, cutting the corners on a diagonal to create flaps. For me, I like to leave 2 sides with the diagonal flaps, and cut the flaps down on 2 sides, folding them in. This creates full coverage of all sides, but also leaves a nice clean edge at the corners.

I always wrap the box once before applying adhesive, creating nice crisp fold lines before the adhesive is applied.

Step 4. Apply Adhesive

This is where my Xyron comes into play. I purchased it on Ebay for $15.50 (plus $15 shipping) after demoing one at a Paper-Source workshop. It’s the best purchase I’ve made. Here I’m using a permanent adhesive cartridge, but you can also use it to make magnets, to laminate, or to make repositionable stickers (think wall decals)

Anyway, enough gushing. If you’re using a Xyron, place it pretty side up, turn the crank, and then peel and stick.

If you’re not using a Xyron, cover the back of the paper with your adhesive of choice.

Step 5. Wrap the box

Now you’re going to wrap the box again, but this time, it’s going to stick. If you did the same method I did (Leaving 2 sides with little flaps and folding 2 sides under) then you’ll want to wrap the flap sides first.

Step 6. Repeat

Repeat Steps 1-5 for the lid. Put your finished box together, and your done!

Until next time!


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Week 2: Bird’s Ladylike Portfolio

Happy Thursday everyone!

Now that this project has been delivered to the most magical place on earth (more on that in a moment), I can proudly tell you all about it.

This week I’m showing you my portfolio, which I carefully crafted specifically for applying for a job at Anthropologie. (See, I told you this had to do with the most magical place on earth).

Now, for the people who do not know me, I have had some amazing opportunities when it comes to Anthro. In particular, I’ve had the chance to interview Kayte Terry, one of the wonderful ladies who works for Home Office (we’re FB buddies and everything), and I also got the opportunity last summer to work as a Visual Display intern, helping build the awesome displays that Anthro is known for.

When I applied for the internship, I took Kayte’s advice to present my portfolio and resume in a creative way.

Because I spent so much time and effort into presenting my work the first time around, I knew Round 2 would need to be even better.

My initial inspiration came from this:

Awesome, isn’t it? I literally typed in “DIY Portfolio” into the search bar on Pinterest, and that’s what I found.

I loved the look of it, but I knew it was a bit more simple than what I was looking for. I wanted something that had the same feel, but with a more personalized touch.

This is what I came up with:

The construction was fairly simple, but because I wasn’t 100% sure it would work the first time, I didn’t take any process shots. I’m working on a tutorial, but I will have to get some process photos for it first. Hopefully I’ll get around to that soon.

Until next time,


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Week one: *just under the wire* Bubsy’s Birthday Blowout

Greetings!  Lady here with a confession of monstrous proportions….

I didn’t actually do a project this week! *shock*

I know, “For Shame Lady!”  This week was a bit crazy as my someday hubby came down with a mean case of Poison Oak.  As he is always wonderful and patient when I’m sick, or sad, or begging for yet another footrub, (he gives them on first request, it’s AMAZING!) much of my freetime this week was spent tending to his needs.  I also squeezed in buying a new car.  Well… not new, just new to me.  Nevertheless, its the first car with my name on the title, so I’m pretty stinkin’ excited.  Oh, it’s a 2001 PT Cruiser for those who are curious.

But wait, I’m loosing myself.  Stop.  Collaborate.  Listen.

Okay.  So, my point was that I was crazy busy.  And at the end of long days during the week, I kept thinking “Self, we must come up with a quick project to post.  We cannot disappoint Bird of the blogsphere with the very first project!”  But alas, life took over, as it often does, and creatvity just didn’t get its chance to shine.

Then I realized that I had a mountain of pictures from my nephew’s 2nd birthday and some pretty decent shots of his handmade birthday card suite and homemade cake.  My nephew is my favorite person to exist on this planet, so I tend to spare no detail when it comes to making his gifts nothing less than perfect.  Because he is perfect.  Seriously, look:

My little man turned the ripe old age of 2 back in early July.  This years theme was tractors, as he is just a tiny bit obsessed with them.  My brother and sister-in-law put me in charge of the smash cake. I’ve taken a cake decorating class at JoAnn Fabrics (an anniversary gift from the mister!) and was addicted to Ace of Cakes for a solid few years, so I was excited for the challenge.  I took the Duff route and wanted to make a tractor cake that was 100% edible.  Afterall, you can’t just hand a 2 year old a cake and have any chance of him NOT trying to eat everything.

So, without further ado,

I started the process by baking 2 mini loaf cakes (simple vanilla box mix).  I then cut the top one in half and stacked the cakes and evened the edges.  The cakes are covered with vanilla buttercream, colored green for that farmtown effect.  Chocolate donuts serve as the tires.  I love how the chocolate glaze turned out to look like mud!  A Reese cup stands in for the steering wheel, Pretzel M&Ms as the headlights, Hersey bar as the seat, and pretzels served as dowels to hold it all together.  The whole thing was then placed on a cookie sheet, where I alternated pretzels to look like plowed fields. Final touch was to crumble some of the leftover cake set aside from trimming down the sides, and make a trail.  uses a bit of crushed chocolate, pretzels, and cocoa powder to create a dirt line between the “fields” and the “path.”  I call this one a success.  I’m thinking little man liked it too…

Look Mommy, no hands!

I had already purchased Bubs a sweet little table and chair set from Hobby Lobby when I found it on supersale back in March.  I need to take a picture so you can see how absolutely precious it is.  Basically oversized pencils in primary colors serve as the legs of the table and 2 chairs.  Precious.  But since my gift was not handmade, it just had to be presented with a knockout card.  To fit the theme, of course!

Carson’s Birthday


Complete with Personalized Poem:

“A year ago you were crawling

Could barely walk an inch

And now you’re running everywhere

And climbing seems a cinche.

You’ve learned to say your name

Numbers and colors too,

And nothing can beat that smile you’ve learned

Will make us all give into you.

I can hardly believe you’re here already

Time has gone by so fast

But with all you know and all you’ve learned

Age 2 will be a blast!”

So there you have it.  Carson loved his cake, his card, and his whole big day.

And I loved watching it all from the front row. =)

Until next time.


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